The Catwalk: Swordsman

August 1, 2016 at 8:00 am

SwordsmanThe Catwalk

Magi Swordsman

Contrary to popular belief everyone in Magi society is not a mage. In fact their exists and entire complex hierarchy around an individuals ability to control the magical aethers. Those who either have no magical capability or whose ability is so low as to be meaningless are referred to as ‘drabs’. If a drab wishes to serve the Magi people they can be a clerk, shop keeper, business man, or a Swordsman. Swordsman become the right hands of the mages on the battlefield. Holding the enemy at bay long enough for the mages to charge up their powerful spells.

The swordsman is cast in full metal and comes in three pieces, allowing for a modest amount of customization in the pose. The shield has been intentionally left flat and blank to encourage gamers to add their own symbol or sigil to it.

What school or royal bloodline will your army represent?