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Welcome to the world of Aethersteel

So you think you are brave do you? Brave enough to look an active waygate in the face and roll the dice as you go through? Who knows where you'll end up. Maybe you'll find yourself dropped right into the middle of a Legion battlefield. Perhaps you'll find yourself at the mercy of the Teknocrats. Or maybe you are one of those unlucky enough to be dumped into the hands of the mystical Magi. Every time you step through you take that chance. But that is what you have to do isn't it? Exploration is in our blood isn't it? Well that and riches.

What I didn't mention the riches? Not just the untapped resources of magic and equipment but raw materials like the fabled Aethersteel and Evarium. That is assuming you can find them and get back alive. Most of the best riches sit inside the capitol cities after all. The Majestic Serenity or the Massively advanced Eureka. I'd tell you the Legion city, but you wouldn't make it out of that one alive anyway. So no point.

Still not turned away huh? Well you are either very brave or very stupid. Either way it isn't for me to decide. I'll let the Aeons choose your fate for you.