What is Aethersteel?


Aethersteel is a fast paced sci-fi miniature wargame packed full of intense strategy and wrapped in explosive unpredictability. In the Aethersteel universe, races are trapped on a dying planet battling for their very survival. Their only hope is to venture forth into unexplored alternate dimensions in search of new resources and safe havens. But they do not travel alone; for with them they bring the divine power of the heavenly beings known as Aeons.

You will take on the role of a commander, blessed by your Aeon with the courage to lead elite forces into battle and the power to call upon divine aid. In Aethersteel, your soldiers are represented by 28mm scale miniatures that each have their own unique weapons and abilities. The power of your Aeon is represented by your customizable Aeon card deck that allows you to surprise your opponent by altering the flow of battle at critical moments.  

What is a tabletop miniatures game?

A Tabletop miniature game allows you to take command of an army of soldiers represented by 28mm scale miniatures. Each miniature figure represents a single solder and acts to represent the maneuvers and tactics of that soldier in miniature scale combat. A typical game of Aethersteel has between 15 and 40 soldiers. These figures are supplied unpainted and unassembled, but should be compatible with most existing tabletop wargaming supplies.  What is a Tabletop


Blasted One CGIIn the past few years the breakthroughs in 3D printing technology and high fidelity casting methods have allowed us to release a product unlike anything possible even a short time ago. All Aethersteel models are made using Hollywood level CGI artists and are cast in amazing detail. These figures can then be painted to the players personal taste or to depict a certain faction of the game.

Models are designed to be able to represent a wide range of different variants of the same unit, allow the player to make changes to their army with little to no impact to their models or current paint job.

Models will be launched on a continuous basis based on the priority of each model. New models are being created regularly so be sure to sign up to our facebook group or subscribe to our email list to keep up to date on the latest additions to the family.

Aethesteel cards

In Aethersteel, a customizable deck of cards allows you to summon the power of your Aeon to alter the outcome of the battlefield. This deck is customizable to better fit your personal tastes and play style. These cards are sold in a fixed distribution (no booster packs) so you can always find the card you need.

What makes it different?

Aethersteel combines the mechanics of a tabletop warfare game with the unpredictable replayability of a customizable card game. Through the use of specialty Aeon cards that your championed commander can use to call down blessing from the heavens or to smite your opponent the game instantly gains a greater sense of strategy than many expect from a typical tabletop game. The use of instants, interrupts and other familiar card mechanics will make seasoned and rookie CCG players feel right at home.

Aethersteel also provides a wide range of race genres for players to delve into. Allowing you to not only claim the strategy that you want, but to do so in the manner that you desire as well. Combine all of that with a deep lore and you are set to journey into a rich and expansive game.

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Aethersteel is easy to learn and can be played on practically any surface with a minimum amount of set up. Games are designed to be able to played with as few as 14 models and as little as an hour of time. Just add a few 10 sided dice and a tape measure and you are have all the ingredients for fantastic game night. Once you wish to expand you can, adding additional units, cards and players until you have the  perfect game. Due to Aethersteel’s unique blend of Tabletop warfare game and Customizable card game players with experience in either can find immediate success, but while Aethersteel is easy to learn, it can be impossible to master.

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