Aethers & Tech

One cannot understand the world of Aethersteel without understanding the basic principles of Aethers. Aethers are special particles that are responsible for enforcing the natural laws of physics. Scientists have long known that points of mass attract each other with a gravitational force, but can only theorize why gravity exists in the first place. Aethers are that reason, and if someone could manipulate aethers, they could change everything we know about the universe.   


Storm AcolyteAethers are a special type of charged particle that exists in a plane of existence just outside that of human understanding; this plane is called the Nexus. Aethers come in five catagories: fire, water, air, earth, and void. These charged particles allow the laws of the universe to work, providing effects such as heat, moisture, gravity, and pressure. When someone lights a match in the real world fire aethers in the Nexus are releasing their charged energy into the aethers around them. Some of this energy bleeds through the fabric of the Nexus and we see this effect as flame, smoke, and heat.

Not being part of the our own world, aethers obey their laws of the nexus; the foremost being the Nexus must remain in balance. This means that for every effect there is an equal and opposite reactions to allow the Nexus to maintain equilibrium. However some have discovered that with the right mental power the aethers can be triggered without a real world stimulus, allowing certain individuals to force aethers to release their energy on command. As such, magic was born.

Since the laws of physics are the very basis of science, the study of aethers is of utmost importance to the understanding of the universe and opens exciting new scientific possibilities. Utilizing the manipulation of aethers, advanced new materials and impossible technology can be created with relative ease. For the manipulation of aethers, there is nothing greater than Aethersteel!



Elemental Weapons copyAethersteel is a rare metal that inherently draws aethers to itself and amplifies their potency. When forged into a weapon or tool of focus, Aethersteel channels the wielder’s mental energy directly into the surrounding aethers, allowing mere thought to impact and manipulate the physical world. Because of the metal’s ability to enhance (chaotically incite) aethers, it puts incomprehensible power in the hands of any individual with the knowledge and skill to unlock its secrets. With the right application, Aethersteel can be used to shatter the laws of physics and twist everything we know about the universe. For this reason, the metal Aethersteel is the currency that makes the world move.

Aethersteel was invention of an ancient and extinct race, and the secret to its creation has been lost. While each race strives to collect Aethersteel, they each use the material differently. Some forge it into powerful weapons, some use it to augment their magical abilities, and others use it to craft impossible technological devices.  For each race, the result is clear; he who possesses Aethersteel has the power to bend the universe to his will.


While the Aeons may not have created the aethers, they have no lack of ability to use them for their own plans and devices. As well as to teach some of these secrets to those that they champion. The power of the aether is a power that will tempt the strongest and can offer limitless potential to those who truly understand how to use them. Be that for magic, or for science. The Aeons are the true keepers of the secrets of the aether.

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Each race takes to the aethers in a very different way. Some races see the aethers as nothing more than a power source, a law of physics that needs to be broken. While others view them with respect and as a field of discovery that can only be truly appreciated through in depth study. Still others view them with reverence and even a touch of fear for the powerful unknown. The interaction of the aethers, with every day life, is as closely tied to each race as is their own identity.

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