What makes it different?

Aeon Cards

Aeon Card PileAethersteel combines the ruleset and gameplay of a tabletop miniatures game with the fast paced excitement of a Collectable Card Game to create a strategy game like no other.

Choose your race and then arm yourself with your choice of Aeon cards. These cards form your Aeon deck from which your commander can draw powerful spells and abilities to help turn the tide of battle to their favor. Each card has it’s own nuances to it, allowing exciting interplay between the players and for the development of powerful combos.

Need to increase the range on a weapon? Want to ignore an opponent’s armor? Perhaps something even more devious and sinister? The choice is yours.

Push your commander to the front lines to get the most out of each spell, but be careful, if your commander falls your army will lose access to these amazing powers!

Aethersteel is a Collectable Card Game, and as such there are no randomized card packs to purchase. Every box set comes with a list of predefined cards that are built to play with each unit or commander. Choose from the dozens of Aeon cards already available, but keep your eyes open for new and exciting cards that will be released with future products.


Unit Cards

 GunnerLEG_Vulcan_Gunner_BackAnother aspect that Aethersteel brings with it is it’s use of Unit Reference Cards. These cards contain all of the stats, spells, abilities, equipment, and special rules that each model in your army possesses. With tons of variants available you can customize your army with the unit types and specific play style that you want, or with the simple swapping of a card, change everything about that unit. Play to each units strengths together, or just play toward what you enjoy.

Battle Value, Range, Movement, Armor, Attack, Defense….everything you need in the palm of your hand. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

And that isn’t all the game has to offer:


What is Aethersteel?

Aethersteel is a Skirmish Style tabletop miniatures warfare game. That uses 28mm scale models to represent units on a battlefield. Players choose their race from an assortment of options, build their deck, assemble their army and face off against their opponents. Games can be as small or as large as you want to make them, and just as varied.

Using the latest in 3D rendering technology and 3D printing we have been able to produce incredibly high detail models. Pairing them with our award wining artists and rich lore Aethersteel is a game with just as much depth as you want.

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The world of Aethersteel is covered in peoples of all type. Each as varied as the Aeons who champion them. For all recorded time these peoples have never known of each others existence, but with the opening of the Waygates that has all changed.

Now these races spill out and inevitably conflict is the result. Now you must choose, whom will you support? Will you venture through the Waygates to find fame? Fortune? Glory? Learning? Or something more?

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Aethersteel uses an easy to learn rule set that doesn’t require thick tomes to be carried with you in order to play. Using Unit Cards for army creation and the universal 28mm scale means you can pick up a game of Aethersteel just about anywhere that you have a flat surface.  Add in the explosive nature of Aeon cards and you have a recipe for unpredictable adventure and battlefield strategy. Using a D10 system for the rules and small scale combat you can get started in Aethersteel with as few as 14 models, or expand to as large as you desire.

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