Every race has its own identity. It’s own history, culture, and religion. Each race is championed by one of the Aeons, who nurture and formed them into what they are today. The living, breathing embodiment of their deities vision. Perfection in the eyes of their god. They interact with aethers and technology in very different ways. They each have their own unique view points of how to use them and ways for waging war. However, they have at least one thing in common; their fight for survival.

In the world of Aethersteel there are many different races, and each ones interaction with the others has helped form them into what they are today. While not every race is playable at game launch, the goal is to eventually have a wide range of races for players to choose from.


The Legion are a mighty force to contend with.Their philosophy is complex in its simplicity, that ‘Might makes right”. As a warrior race they take their guidance from the Aeon Krath who taught them that only through challenging oneself daily can we truly see what our limits are, and that there is no greater challenge than that of war. Where all contenders are on equal footing, where only your strength, whit, and determination will allow you to prevail.

Having moved through time from one war to another the Legion have become masters of all forms of warfare, from the brawl, to the development and application of experimental weapons. If there is a challenge to be overcome, the Legion will find a way to do it, or die trying.

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The Teknocrats believe themselves to be the masters of their universe. The laws that bind reality together are meant to be broken and the secrets that existence tries to hold onto must be unlocked. As the children of Skyrus their society revolves completely around forward progress. Either you are the driving force toward innovation and discovery, or you are the back upon which others who are greater than you trample upon in their rise to achievement. Their understanding of the Aether and its complex equations of existence allow them to unlock untold power, and to push the very fabric of the Nexus to the brink.

Their world has become one governed by mega corporations whose ability to wield untold power grant them the resources and personnel to stretch the limits. Their entire existence is based around a level of social status where the more you contribute to the forward progress of society, the more valued you are. This leads to brutal efficiency, and a world where either you are inventing the next big weapon, or you are being dissected to become it.

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The Magi are mystical spell casters with arcane powers. They devote their entire lives to the understanding and mastery of the magics of the Aether. To understanding the principles of each type of Aether, to the effects of magic on the Nexus. As the scholars that they are, they are shepherded by the wise Aeon Drak, whose quest for scholarly knowledge and understanding has embedded itself into every portion of Magi culture and society. Only through the constant search for truth and wisdom can one come to terms with the limits of ones power, and then by understanding this they can begin to expand their understanding to achieve true enlightenment.

With their capital city of Serenity built around the largest known deposit of Aethersteel there has never been a lack of magical energy for the Magi to tap into. As masters of the Arcane the use of such power comes second nature to them, and has become the center point of their society and government. Those who lack the strength of mind to master the Aethers are quickly demoted to second class citizens, but those who do posses the control, are living, breathing, weapons.

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The original children of the Aeons. Designed by the collective pantheon of gods to be the perfect race. Hungry for knowledge and armed with an insatiable appetite for power their advancement through technology led to the creation of the very planes of existence that each other race calls home. The waygates, and finally Aethersteel are just tokens of the technology that they developed and have been left as reminders of their once unstoppable empire. Yet something led to their death and destruction at the hands of their own gods. Something so terrible that no Aeon will speak of it. None save Vex, who keeps his own counsel and silently pulls the strings to make the intricate lace of existence shudder.

With the aid of their championed Aeon the Sovereign are back, their bodies long since destroyed only their dark souls exist, once again armed with their insatiable appetite for power they will devour anything that attempts to stand in their way.


The silent and watching Wisps. Children of the Aeon Pasi, formed in her vision to create a species that sought to discover and learn. Not just from the Aeons themselves, but from the very world around them.Gifted with a singular conscience the Wisp collective seeks to better understand, not just the how, but the why’s of the universe.

Their existence as beings of pure energy and light grant them the freedom from corporeal form. Granting them the power to be whatever they need to be. Scattered across the planes when the Sovereign fell and the waygates were closed the Wisps have sat and waited, learning and growing and maturing. When the gateways final opened they once more rejoined their brothers, beckoned by ‘The First Command:’ Come Forth.


The abandoned soldiers of the Sovereign. Formed out of nothing, to become the weapons of war that the Sovereign used in their cataclysmic battles of power they were gifted with amazing mechanical bodies that made them the perfect hunter. Yet they were also gifted with the hunger. The need to feed, the constant addiction to the pure surge of energy released upon the death of a sentient being.

For eons they have sat, dormant, waiting the return of their masters. Yet, now championed by Kelenos they await their masters return with a different purpose.No longer to be slaves to the beings that formed them, empowered them, and cursed them to unending cravings. The hunter now hunts the master, the need to feed has never ben stronger.


In the harshest environments life persists. In the darkest of times, life persists. One being means nothing, one being is finite, but life, persists. The Arachii have mastered the mindset of the hive. The absence of self and the absolute loyalty to the queen, the mother of life. A collective of bugs and insects, bred through the centuries to exist, even in the harshest environments, through whatever it takes.

Championed by Nephizet, twin brother to Tamizet the Arachii once allied themselves with the Frengi in a sympathetic relationship. But as time went on the relationship turned parasitic. Now these two forces, trapped on the same realm, have broken out of their plane. Hungry to expand, hungry to feed the mother. Their current alliance with the Frengi tenuous at best. Yet when surrounded by foes, sometimes life finds the best way to survive is to eat its way through its foe.


Men battle and fight over the land, yet they will never truly own it. That right is reserved to those with roots dug deep into the soil. They may come with their machines, with their tools to dig and try to conquer the soil, but in the end their efforts are futile. For their lives are but a spark and flash in the pan compared to the mighty oak. And sooner or later those with roots will once again tear down all that man has sought to build. The Frengi exist as living trees and plants, a sentient being, the ultimate in evolution.

Formed by the twin gods Tamizet and Nephizet but loyal to Tamizet the Frengi find strength in their roots, and in their massive strength. For together, rooted to one another one is not so easily upheaved.

But the races of Aethersteel are not the only thing that forces conflict. The desperate hunt for resources, territory, and protection drive the forces of each faction into each other. In a world that is spiraling toward destruction, it is everyman for himself.

Aethers and Technology

Each race approached Aethers differently. Some view them with reverence, respecting them and the magics that they represent. They attempt to assist the Nexus is maintaining balance and harmony, while seeking to caress and nurture the powers these energies represent. While still others see them as nothing more than a massive equation, one where if the right variables are added at the right place you can rip out untold powers into your finger tips. The name of the game is to come as close to destroying the Nexus, to maximize your energy, while maintaining enough fabric of existence for the next task.

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The Universe

The sun is dying, and with it the comfortable ignorance that they are the only sentient species in existence has been ripped away. Now ancient technologies have sprung back to life, allowing instantaneous transportation between parallel dimensions. With limited resources, clashing ideologies, and sheer panic setting in the rules of survival have become simple, kill or be killed.

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