One World; Infinite War

xiphosAethersteel is a table top miniatures game where you and your friends are transported to a world where anything is possible. Where gods and men join forces and where your only limit is your imagination. Customize your army by mixing together different commanders, units, and powerful cards to create a unique and powerful force. Then face off against your friend’s army and deck. Your commanders are empowered by their deities, bringing with them powerful battlefield shaping spells and abilities that will leave your opponents struggling to stay one step ahead of you.

Aethersteel combines the tactics of a tabletop wargame with the excitement of a customizable card game, all into one dynamic and replayabile strategy game. As you continue to play you can expand your deck and army with additional units, specialty cards, and seek to dominate the battlefield in ever changing ways.

Think you have what it takes to enter the waygate?

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What is Aethersteel?

Aethersteel is a Skirmish style tabletop wargame that uses 28mm miniatures to allow players to create their own armies for combat. Choose a race that fits your play style then flesh it out with your choice of units and variants. Then customize your Aeon deck, a collection of power-up cards that you can augment your armies special play style. Giving you the extra boost you need to conquer.

Using the latest in 3D rendering technology we produce an incredibly high detail miniatures. Paired with internationally recognized, award winning artists and a ruleset that is easy to learn Aethersteel is a tabletop game that is easy to pick up but difficult to put down.


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What makes it different?

Aethersteel’s Aeons seek to empower their champions toward victory. Toward that end you are given the ability to forge a customizable card deck that has the ability to augment your own units or thwart your opponent’s units.


Your Aeon card becomes a set of powers usable by your commander to alter the outcome of the battle. However, the powers you have could change each turn. Will you alter your strategy to better use your new powers, or forge on ahead with your original plan?

In addition Aethersteel uses unit reference cards to track all of the stats and abilities of your units themselves. There is no need for printouts or cumbersome rulebooks. This lets you focus on the important things, like smashing your opponent into the tabletop.

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Aethersteel can take place anywhere. From a highly detailed terrain table, to the kitchen table. Each player sets up their side of the table with their units and cards. Sets of 10 sided dice are used to simulate the unpredictability of war, and your Aeon deck takes care of the rest. Games can be played with as few as two or as many as a dozen players at a time, taking anywhere from an hour to multiple days to complete. All depending on what you are looking for.

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