Five of the Aeons: Vex, Krath, Drak, Skyrus, and Pasi.

Five of the Aeons: Vex, Krath, Drak, Skyrus, and Pasi.


Krath – God of War, Conquest, Battle, and Honor.

Mighty Krath, the warrior of the Aeons. His massive war hammer the symbol of his might. He champions the strong and the brave. Prizing honor and duty above all else. There is no problem or challenge that can not be solved with the proper application of force. Yet that which separates a soldier from a killer is his code of honor, his respect for this opponent and the value of a fair fight.

Championed Race: Legion



Skyrus – Goddess of Science, Technology, Beauty, and Progress.

Temptress Skyrus, as smart and cunning as she is beautiful. Do not let her looks deceive you, she sees far more than she let’s on and always has her eyes set to the future. Her symbol, the forward seeing eye, is a calling for all that the ends will always justify the means.

 Championed Race: Teknocrats


magi_logo Drak – God of Aethers, Magic, Scholarship, and Wisdom.

Enlightened Drak, patron of scholars and teachers. To he there is no mystery in the universe more compelling than the very energies that one can tame to control the arts of magic. As an adept of the Nexus, the thin veil that exists just outside the realm of human understanding and is home to the mystical aethers, he uses his mind and his magic to champion those he blesses.

Championed Race: Magi


Vex_logo Vex – God of the Mind, Politics, Deception, and the Void Aether

Sly Vex, master of the psychi and all its depths. In quiet contemplation he waits, watching and planning for the moment of utmost opportunity. For the secrets of the mind are only truly harnessed in silent meditation. Once harnessed these depths of power can be difficult to control, capable of unfathomable beauty and unimaginable cruelty. The symbol of the mind’s eye stands as a warning to all that Vex sees not only one’s actions, but their innermost thoughts as well.

                                        Championed Race: Sovereign


Pasi_logoPasi – Goddess of Youth, Imagination, Exploration and Development

The child goddess Pasi, watcher and vigilant ward of the innocent. Ever encouraging them to grow, develop and explore the world around them.  Her symbol of the toy reminds all who would come to her, that you must have the fearless determination of a child to unlock one’s true potential.

Championed Race: Wisps