The Catwalk: Skirmish Bot

June 6, 2016 at 8:00 am

SkirmishThe Catwalk

Skirmish Bots

‘Tin Cans’, ‘Flying toasters’, ‘Junk Balls’, Skirmish bots have a large number of names for them. But regardless they are an important part of the Teknocrat society. These units are inexpensive, capable, and in the right cases – deadly.

These ‘Eyeball Drones’ have been a real crowd pleases ever since we showed them to the public. These solid metal balls are basically a ball bearing with arms. They feel wonderful in your hand and their weight prevents them from tipping over as easily when on their shafts. Their arms are interchangeable so that you can customize them as you see fit. Want blades? Guns? Sonic Stunners? You got it! We’re really excited to see just what you can do with these models.

Tell us about your ideal color scheme…