Yesterdays trash…..

March 7, 2016 at 8:00 am

TEK_CyborgsScrap_front copy“We give the Cogs and those of the wasteland something to be proud of! Finally their useless, resource sapping existences can be used to forward the Teknocrat people! This is a bright day for them, for once in their miserable existences they will be contributing members of society, and once their usefulness has reached it’s end we can retire them, same as we would any other outdated piece of equipment. It’s the natural cycle of the useless to become useful and then return to uselessness.”

                ~Archon MaDOK, Archon of Eureka City

The teknocrats have always sought ways to advance themselves, however due to their abhorrence to waste the concept of war was one that never really grew among their culture. They have had their skirmishes throughout history, and the Outcasts living outside of the BioDomes have done their best to raid and destroy. However nothing has ever escalated beyond what the Mainframes police forces could handle. War would take untold amount of man power, labor, materials, and time. Distracting from forward progress.

So when the waygates first opened and the Teknocrats came face to face with the Legion they suddenly found themselves in a situation they had never encountered, being the underdog. Their science teams and explorer units were woefully unprepared for the realities of warfare. As such the Mainframe pushed policing units into combat roles. HEAT squads and Skirmish Bots began to stream through the waygates to both attack and defend resource caches. However the time required to gestate, train, and deploy a proper HEAT squad or to manufacture Skirmish Bots left the Teknocrat army severely under manned.

It was determined by the Mainframe and the Archons that those who resided in the lowest sectors of the community and those captured Outcasts would be retrofitted for combat. Their bodies meshed with whatever experimental weaponry and warfare materials were coming out of the labs. Hundreds of thousands of low value citizens, known as Cogs, were rounded up. Their bodies mutilated in an effort to produce foot soldiers at an alarmingly fast rate.

The program worked however, and soon the Teknocrats were able to repel the Legion assaults and eventually reach even footing with the other warring races. As additional soldiers were produced and deployed the use of the combat cyborgs began to diminish. Many of them had been using untested technology that crashed just as often as it worked. The reliability of their hardware and software in question, and their superior front line units now coming out of the factories in droves the combat cyborgs were scraped. Many of them killed off or abandoned to fend for themselves. With bodies that are falling apart, and no support from the rest of the Teknocrats they wander the wastelands. Some have joined, or returned to, the Outcasts. While some, whose bodies still function, having grasped onto any value they can produce for their people, still fight in the Teknocrat army. Willing to sacrifice themselves on the battlefield instead of wasting away in the scrap heaps and harsh world of the wastelands.

Scrap Cyborg Strategy

Takes a likin and keeps on tickin
Scrap cyborgs have one thing going for them, they are tough as nails. While they are armed with no range weapons they have both an ARM of 4 and the ability Tenacious which makes them very difficult to kill. Using this to your advantage against  Legion player can be critical, Since the Legion player will want to advance as quickly as possible this tactic of holding them can allow your slower and heavier units the time to get into range and to blast the enemy to pieces.

Legion Hunter
With the exception of Jump Troopers, and the Warlord most Legion soldiers fall right into the window needed for the T91 Fusion Ripper. The TEK of 2 or less means that Scrap Cyborg squads (which can have up to 5 models in a squad) can get 3 melee swings every single turn. They were designed to take out Legion, use them that way.

Aeon Card Suggestions

Armored Combat-
With an ARM of 4 this gives an immediate POW + 2 to melee attacks. Even moreso if you can find ways to pair this card with Divine Armor.

Skyric Armor-
If you intend to put your Scrap Cyborgs into harm’s way be sure to use their ARM reroll to its best advantage. Giving them an ARM of 7 means that even with the heaviest of Legion weapons you have a better than 50% chance of surviving the attack.

Mind and Machine-
POW +1 AND ARM + 1 if played on a cyborg? Well I wonder which unit this card was intended for!