Upping the Legions Firepower

January 2, 2016 at 8:00 am

Repeating Rifleman“Lord Krath, master of battle and divine of war. Watch over me today. For today I take my first steps onto the field of battle. For today myself and my rifle will taste the sweet glory of combat. Grant me not courage, I have all I need. Grant me not protection, for that is cowardess. Grant me not victory, I will earn that for myself. Simply grant me enough ammo to make it through the day, I will take care of the rest.”

                The Legion favor speed and aggression over superior firepower, as such they will send squads of riflemen rushing forward to the enemy and laying waste to them with fire once they are in close range. However as the Legion began to face off with the more heavily armed units of the Teknocrats it became apparent that their tactic of charging forward wasn’t always the best course of action. The R-11 Repeating Rifle was the solution to this problem. It allowed the same size squad of soldiers to put out 3 times as much lead in a narrow window of time. Allowing them to greatly increase their fire power or just to return the level of firepower to normal strength, even after losing part of their unit to superior Teknocrat fire.

In addition we get an opportunity to examine how men and women are treated among the Legion. As is evident here both sexes are found on the battlefield, in fully integrated units. To the Legion there is no difference in the distinction of sexes when it comes to the battlefield. It is common culture for both men and women to share lodging, showers, and common space without concern for privacy. Within a culture of honor the idea of anything unacceptable occurring is utterly unthinkable, and both men and women are treated with the utmost of respect.

As a race that also embraces strength the courtship laws of the Legion may seem foreign to us. Legion soldier who wish to engage in relations will often challenge each other to duels and tests of strength, challenging each other to find their potential mates flaws and weaknesses. This is called “being in heart feud” with someone and the ‘courting’ process can last for years. It is not uncommon for soldiers in the same unit to be locked into ‘heart feud’ and for married couples to fight together in the same unit. It is also not uncommon for two soldiers to seek each other out on opposite sides of the battlefield to challenge each other, with sometimes the price of victory or defeat being a marriage proposal.

When two soldiers wish to marry the Legion have an elaborate ceremony, in which the Groom and the Bride pick their tribe mates and family to represent them as ‘BridesMaids’ and ‘Groomsmen’. After the words are spoken in front of the tribe/s of the two’s intent to join it is then the duty of the couple to battle, with their attendants assisting the Bride or the Groom. What occurs is a full on melee between both sides, which can progress for hours before one spouse finally defeats the other. It is then decreed by the Chaplin that the two are now wed. Never to challenge or battle each other again. The fight where their friends and family spilled their blood for each other’s honor before Krath being the last time the couple shall ever spill each other’s blood.

Repeating Riflemen strategies

Stand and Deliver

Repeating Riflemen pack the R-11 Repeating Rifle, giving them the same stats as the standard Infantry Rifle however adding in the ability to adding in the ability for them to have a Heavy-2 weapon. With a max squad size of 6 that grants up to 12 hit dice at one time. Use this to your advantage! Preferably early on.

Aeon Card Recommendations

Impulsive Maneuver
Anything that helps you move Repeating Riflemen without needing to use their actual movement is a blessing. You don’t really care about the lack of ability to enter melee, you want to hit them with the range weapon anyway!

 Strength of Arms
A must have in every Legion Aeon deck where Repeating Riflemen are used. Just think about turning that potential 12 hit dice into 18 hit dice….just think about that for a second.