The Catwalk: Archon

May 2, 2016 at 8:00 am

Archon2The Catwalk

Teknocrat Archon

Within Teknocrat society all citizens (‘Cogs’) are born with their role in society already dictated to them. This allows them to be trained and groomed to be the most efficient as possible. The exception to this however is the Archon. Archon’s may be promoted at anytime by the Mainframe for proving exceptional skill and capability of leadership. As part of their promotion they are given the highest level of technology, armor and weaponry.

This is the third of our Commander models, completing our set of these special units. The Archon is molded from solid metal and stands at 28mm. The model is molded in a single piece making it one of the simplest models to get setup with.

Now that we’ve shown you all three, which one is your favorite?