The Backbone of the Legion Army

June 15, 2015 at 8:00 am

LEG_Riflemen_front copy“You think we march to death and glory? You’re expending an honorable fight and a poetic death that will move the Aeon themselves to tears? Don’t delude yourself, kid. War is blood and mud and pain. It’s a meat grinder that mulches a thousand raw recruits for every verse in the bard’s song.  You should worry about keeping your rifle clean and your boots dry. Do that for a thousand days and maybe then you will understand what the bards are singing about.”

                ~Sgt. Desh, Spirit Fox Tribe

Infantrymen are the backbone of the Legion armed forces, making up an overwhelming majority of its forces. While the Legion have adopted mechanized and airborne units, the infantryman is still essential to support to these groups. Legion children begin training for a life in the armed forces at an early age and are steered to the track that best fits their skills and physique. But just because Infantrymen are common does not mean that they are not well-trained, well equipped, or deadly. They are in fact, all of these things.

Riflemen are one common form of  infantrymen. With the carbine and bolt-action rifle still holding a primary position in combat due to their simplicity, durability and effectiveness. With few exceptions all Legion soldiers are taught to fire a rifle at a young age and many would be considered expert marksmen by the time they enter teenage years.

Not everyone in Legion society will be able to become a soldier however. Those who do not pass the grueling tests and challenges are given positions in society as craftsmen and laborers. Within the caste system of the Legion there is still a lot of honor to be gained by supporting the Legion war machine.  Military traditions and culture permeates even to the everyday life of the citizenship.

Riflemen are also often seen wearing their traditional cloak. These red cloaks are dyed to prevent an enemy from seeing blood, letting them know of a potential weakness.

Rifleman Strategies

While Legion rifles have short-range, the riflemen have good speed allowing them to get into position quickly. Closing in with the enemy may be an advantageous time to use their bayonet to charge the enemy in melee combat. Riflemen are versatile, and can offer ranged or melee support for any other Legion unit.

While not necessarily equipped with the best weaponry, sometimes a rifleman’s best resource is his life. The Rifleman’s low points cost makes him an ideal decoy unit or a reluctant shield for your more expensive units.

Aeon Card Suggestions

Wind Armor allows your riflemen to make a charge and be protected from an enemy counterattack. Meanwhile Strength of Arms will give your riflemen extra ranged attacks if you need to whittle down the enemy at range. Also consider Fire Team to give your squad additional armor penetration to help take down tough Teknocrat units.