Welcome to Aethersteel

December 20, 2014 at 8:20 pm



What is Aethersteel?

Aethersteel is a fast paced sci-fi miniature wargame packed full of intense strategy and wrapped in explosive unpredictability. In the Aethersteel universe, races are trapped on a dying planet battling for their very survival. Their only hope is to venture forth into unexplored alternate dimensions in search of new resources and safe havens. But they do not travel alone; for with them they bring the divine power of the heavenly beings known as Aeons.

You will take on the role of a commander, blessed by your Aeon with the courage to lead elite forces into battle and the power to call upon divine aid. In Aethersteel, your soldiers are represented by 28mm scale miniatures that each have their own unique weapons and abilities. The power of your Aeon is represented by your customizable Aeon card deck that allows you to surprise your opponent by altering the flow of battle at critical moments.

What makes Aethersteel different?

Aethersteel combines the strategy of a wargame with the excitement of a card game.  It captures strategic depth, but yet still offers unlimited replayability.

Aethersteel uses no army builders, no force lists, and the rulebook is not required on the table during play. All of a units rules, stats, abilities are listed on their unit card. Aethersteel  offers a wide variety of options for you to customize your force and make it your own, without  requiring a computer to help you manage your list.

Aethersteel doesn’t force you to invest thousands of dollars to get started playing, being a skirmish game you can get into the game with as few as 14 models, and still have a great time!

Aethersteel isn’t just limited to the roll of the die, but you as a player get to actively battle against your opponents with spell cards that can disrupt the game mechanics on the fly. Be that aiding your army, or hurting your opponents.

Aethersteel has a rich lore behind it. With hundreds of characters, each with a story to tell. Want a taste? Check out the Wiki.

We are excited to begin this journey with you. Check back often for updates and exciting news as this game develops!