Aeon Card: Death Dealer

May 30, 2016 at 8:00 am

LEG_AEON_Death_Dealer copy                “And the Lord Krath spoke, saying ‘Go forth, seek adversity, and overcome it. For this is how you will shape yourself, sharpening yourselves into the true weapon that you are meant to be. Only through adversity will you be forged into that which is your craft, to be the merchants of demise, the dealers of death.’”

                                                ~The third book of war, Holy Relic of the Church of Krath

                When the waygates opened the Legion didn’t have to think too long or hard before going through. Where other races wanted to study the portals and better understand where they came from and what they did prior to adventuring through, the Legion almost had a fight on their hands to determine who would risk their lives first going through these new treasures. Many of those who went through did not come back. Because the waygate network works through a complex serious of equations the amount of time a waygate remains open, and where it connects to can be difficult to discern.

However even with nearly 100% losses in the first weeks going through the waygate the Legion persisted, craving a new adventure or new challenge. The adrenaline rush of the unknown, and the possibility of glory from finding and beating an unknown foe is just too much for them to ignore. This drive to constantly find new challenges, to always outdo themselves, is how the Legion have become so good at the craft of war.

Death Dealer is an awesome card for any Legion player’s deck. Very few Aeon cards grant any sort of staying power on the table. However not only does Death Dealer persist to the next turn, it can do so repetitively! Meaning that as long as you are removing enemy models from the table, the card remains. Combined with Elemental Weapons and Fire Team it’s possible to have AP’s that approach the double digits. Use this card carefully, because once an opponent sees what you are trying to do, the unit that you have played this on will become a target!