Aeon Card: Bloodlust

April 18, 2016 at 8:00 am

“Bloodlust. There is no better word for the rage and anger that brews deep in the chest of each and every Legion soldier as they prepare their gear for battle.”

                                ~Warlord Markus, the Dawn-Hammer

While the Legion are quick to embrace a fight, they are rarely considered bloodthirsty. However in the thick of combat sometimes even the most well trained and disciplined soldiers can find themselves falling prey to their human nature.  When the adrenaline of combat has taken hold of you and the glory of the moment feeds you there is little that will stop you.

Legend states that at one time the Legion had no restraint in war. That hundreds would be slaughtered indiscriminately and that battles would leave massive stretches of territory completely devoid of all life. Then Seren, a captain of one of the warring armies climbed to the top of a hill and proclaimed to every soldier in the battle that he was the supreme leader of all of the Legion, and should anyone wish to challenge him they could remove him from the hill by force. After 6 days and nights of fighting none could remove Seren from the hilltop. He was named Seren the Unkillable and became the first High Warlord of the Legion.

It was Seren who set down the rules of conduct for the Legion Combat; designed to prevent them from slipping into turmoil. Legion may never battle inside the walls of a city. Legion must always accept the surrender an enemy. Legion must offer medical aid to any soldier who needs it. These rules and many like them are what keep the Legion civilized even in their endless wars.

The card Bloodlust fits perfectly into the Legion’s aggressive playstyle. It is considered by many players to be essential in any army that relies on melee units (such as Blasted Ones).  Bloodlust allows a melee unit to take a second activation in the same turn. Not only does the unit get to move an attack an additional time, but those actions will continue to receive bonuses from any other Aeon cards on the unit; effectively letting you take advantage of the bonus twice.

Combo this card with Rapid Strike, or BladeStorm and it will give you an awesomely brutal combo. However combining this with even as simple a card as Glory of Combat will still hold advantages.