A deeper look at the Legion Jump Trooper

June 2, 2015 at 8:00 am

Jump Deathwinds

“I’ve heard of men who say that they will laugh in the face of death. I expect no such timid acts from the likes of you! No, I expect you to jump straight down death’s throat, stab him in the heart, and then rip your way out through his chest!”

~Revok the Crow, Jump Master of the 113rd Airborne

Many Legion tribes employ brutal blitzkrieg maneuvers, in an effort to hit the enemy hard, fast, and while they are unprepared. It was this need for higher level of mobility in the infantry that the JP307 Jump Pack was developed; granting a single infantry soldier the ability to propel themselves up and over obstacles, or to cover greater distances in a single, swift move. Some forces use them to drop into or behind enemy lines.

In combat, jump troopers excel in harsh terrain where their airborne speed allows them to easily outmaneuver ground forces. A heavy gunner phalanx is easily bypassed with jump packs, allowing brave jump troopers to reach more vulnerable targets. While not every tribe utilizes jump packs, they have become a more common sight in recent years.

The Jump Pack uses two burners that are triggered by an activation switch attached to the soldier’s hand. When the trigger is depressed both jets fire propelling the soldier up and forward, depending on their body positioning. Skilled pilots can feather the jets and shift their body weight in flight to control their landing and alter their flight path to a certain degree. Attached to the soldier’s wrists are two blades that curve backward toward the elbow that serve two purposes. During flight the soldier can rotate their arms to help stabilize their flight as well as to aid in controlling their landing. Upon landing the blades are able to be used as a close combat weapon, clearing enough room around the soldier to allow them to draw their weapon. Unfortunately for Legion the jump pack is still a developing technology and not free from manufacturing defects. While it is possible to use the jump pack for an aerial drop, the unreliable nature of the equipment has made such tactics risky at best.

Of any soldier on the battlefield the jump trooper is known to have the shortest average life expectancy. The volatile nature of their equipment and perilous nature of their missions contribute to their high casualty rates. However, to veteran jump troopers such difficulties are a source of pride. To jump into the thick of the enemy line and return victorious is a position of revered honor.

Jump Trooper Strategy

While jump troopers have the ability to rapidly cross great distance and terrain, doing so can leave them stranded. Being behind enemy lines may put them out of range of your Commander’s Aeon cards and closer to the range of the enemy Commander’s powers.

Jump troopers have a powerful short ranged attack but are also skilled in melee combat. This allows them to charge enemy ranged units in fortified positions. By engaging them in melee combat, you cut off the enemy unit’s ability to make ranged attacks. This can provide your other units a chance to advance. This is a fantastic way to remove HEAT Troopers, Frost Mages, and Heavy Gunners from the fight, even for only a moment.

Aeon Card Suggestions

Divine Step-
Because of this card’s ability to play for free, it is a great way to extend the mobility of the Jump Trooper. Giving them an extra +1/+1 movement by itself, it only becomes more powerful when combined with other cards.

Double Time-
Extra movement is always helpful to a unit trying to clear terrain, and the jump pack allows these soldiers to access routes the enemy assumed to be secure.

Rapid Strike-
As Jump Troopers have a reasonable squad size and high mobility this means that they can often gain their 2 melee strikes when entering combat. The extra swings can give you a significant number of attack dice.